Ten Key Leadership Behaviors

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Ten Key Leadership Behaviors

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Effective leadership in patient-centered / relationship-based dentistry can be defined by the following 10 Leadership Behaviors. How do you and your leadership team measure up?

1. Focused: Great leaders stay focused on the big picture and how what is currently happening relates to it. Consequently, they do not “major in minors” and get drawn into unimportant side issues which distract and diminish their time and energy. They stay “on task”, and that task is represented via the execution of the vision and mission.

2. Confident: A clear vision, based on clarified values leads to clarity in decision-making, and consequently- decisiveness. This does not mean that every decision is the right one, but when the need for course corrections becomes apparent, the corrections are made quickly and decisively.

3. Transparent: Meaningful trust is an organic outgrowth of authenticity. When we ask our Care Team and patients to follow our lead …our recommendations or direction… we are attempting to leverage trust. Trust is a gift given by those being led, and the pathway to real trust runs through transparency.

4.Integrous: Transparency reflects a “full reveal” of our deeply held values. Living those values represents integrity. Aligning your team with those values amplifies your capacity to execute the mission day-in, and day-out.

5. Inspiring: Leaders are driven. When you add together clarified values, transparency, and personal integrity, you become inspiring to others who seek clarity, and values-driven decision making.

6. Passionate: Inspiring leaders are passionate about their mission. Without passion for your work, you will never be able to inspire others. And without the ability to inspire others, you will have to settle for whatever life drops in your lap.

7. Innovative: Great leaders must be innovative thinkers today. Market forces and trends are changing so rapidly that failing to strategically plan for the future can easily doom a business to extinction.

8. Patient: Patience represents the courage required to test your commitment to your vision. If your vision is bold enough, there will be hundreds of reasons why “it can’t be done”, and hundreds of doubters telling you so. Successful people succeed, and they do so often by being patient and committed.

9. Stoic: Stoicism in this case is emotional intelligence. Every day we are confronted with situations and circumstances which test our composure and resolve. Anticipating these realities and training our minds to regulate unhelpful instinctive responses is key to leadership success.

10. Empowering: Top performing Care Teams are in reality a community of people who share common values, goals, and commitment to a well-defined purpose. This sense of community is developed through the encouragement of personal growth, delegation, support, and the symbiotic harnessing of personal power. Great practices are a community accomplishment only possible through empowering leadership.

Paul A Henny, DDS

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