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CoDiscovery.com is here to help you develop relationship-based / health-centered dentistry, and is a unique on-line resource dedicated to this practice model. CoDiscovery.com is also here to help you integrate what you have learned – today! Browse around and you will find blog posts, resource articles, website design and management services, marketing resources, and in-person consultative services.

Please join us regularly to CoDiscover, learn, grow, develop, and share for the betterment of our great profession! I hope to hear from you soon!
Paul A. Henny, DDS – Publisher & Managing Editor

The Power of Creating Your Practice Philosophy with Dr. Paul Henny

by by Gary Takacs

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How a Dental Office should be

Relationship-Based Health Centered Dentistry

Thanks so much for your continuing efforts to promote and advance the concept of the relationship based practice. ~ Jim Otten

CoDiscovery Blog

An unbelievable resource for anyone who is privileged to use it. ~ Matt

Remember: Everything is Relative.

Let’s be honest. Being a dentist is an extremely challenging and a very difficult way to make a living. Now, add to this the influence of inflation on overhead, decreasing support from insurance plans, increasing competition from corporate players, and the need to...

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Failure and success are two sides of the same coin.

In life, when it comes right down to it, there are no failures- only outcomes, with some outcomes certainly more satisfying to us than others. We can learn from both…but only if we choose to grow intellectually and emotionally; meaning that if we keep what we perceive...

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CoDiscovery is Visoneering.

The vast majority of problems we face each day are small in scale, and have little impact on us long term. The grass needs to be mowed…Jenny needs to be picked up after ballet practice…there is a ten minute back-up on our route to work, and we are already delayed...

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How shame kills positive change.

Many of our patients come to us feeling inadequate, feeling less-than, feeling like they should have done more, feeling like they are in an un-recoverable situation, and therefore feeling ashamed. Shame represents the most powerful of our negative emotions. So much so...

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One and done?

Short-term profits have rapidly become the new coin of the realm in dentistry. And increasingly it’s a transaction in the form of implants. Almost weekly know, I am meeting face-to-face with a person who wants implants and knows nothing about them, had some placed in...

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Whose life will you change today?

I just learned that one of the greatest influencers of my life passed away yesterday. His name is Bob Sweazy. Perhaps you too have had a person like this unexpectedly enter your life - and change it forever. I met Bob when I was just a few years out of dental school....

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