Purpose & Passion

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Purpose & Passion

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Passion is the spark that ignites self-motivation in dentistry.

And we can’t fake it.

Passion is commonly rooted in purpose, and those who discover how to link Purpose, Passion, and dentistry have a bright future ahead.

Rest assured, there will always be obstacles, but a passion for dentistry shapes one’s attitudes toward those barriers and facilitates faster, more creative, and more aligned solutions.

Finally, researchers on the topic of motivation all agree on one thing – strength of motivation is directly tied to the expected probability of success. In other words, dentists who truly believe they can accomplish their mission are highly motivated to do just that. Belief in mission yields motivation which yields the preferred outcome.

And what creates a belief in a mission?


How does dentistry fit into your life’s purpose and how passionate are you about it?

Paul A Henny DDS


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“Thanks so much for your continuing efforts to promote and advance the concept of the relationship based practice.” – Jim Otten

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What a great forum for sharing the wisdom we have been privileged to gain from those who came before us. Hearing that wisdom expressed in the language of today is so important. ~ Mary Osborne

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