How True Teams Behave

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How True Teams Behave

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Watch a competitive athlete make an honest error in a game and observe how quickly his or her teammate’s gather around to offer encouragement and support.

Now, compare that observation to what happens in your practice. How are errors or honest mistakes perceived and handled? And are they perceived and handled differently for different people?

The bottom line: What is the emotional cost of learning in your practice?

High performance Care Teams view honest mistakes by capable* team members as a part of the learning process. They move forward, by recognizing that the making of few mistakes may imply that not enough risks are being taken – that not enough intellectual and creative stretching is occurring to advance the practice mission to the next level and better support the Purpose.

Consequently, always “playing it safe” by definition fails to move a practice forward toward peak performance. Great practice leaders intuitively know this – that stumbling precedes walking and that walking precedes running. They offer support and encouragement just at the right moments to keep facilitating growth and expanding upon what is possible each and every day.

Paul A. Henny, DDS

*As with any great sports team, there are moments when new members do not seem to fit the practice culture or mission, and there are other members who have moved past their prime and their current performance is now hindering the vital growth and development process. An essential – and difficult- part of leadership includes identifying these individuals and respectfully moving them out of the team ( or perhaps to a different place within it ) so that new potential can be actualized through more purpose-aligned members.

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