How About Your Team?

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How About Your Team?

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These three articles by Dana C. Ackley, Ph.D. have described the skills needed by high performance teams. Do you wonder how your team stacks up? Finding out might help you to build a stronger team.

We have a brief questionnaire you and your team members can complete to give you a picture of your team's current strengths and weaknesses. Once each member of your team responds, we will send you a brief report.

To receive your no fee team survey: Print this page and give to each of your team members. Have each member of your team, including you, [ Click here for EQ Team Survey Tool ] or copy this url into your internet brower:

Enter your main office phone number, which will be your team's unique identifier. This identifier ensures that everyone's responses are put into the right team. Assure your team members that their answers to the questions will be private. The report that comes back to you provides the average response of all team members, not responses by individuals. (Otherwise, you may not get honest perceptions.)

Special instructions for the dentist who owns the practice: When you fill out the survey, please enter the total number of people on your team and your email address. We need to know the number of people on your team so that we will know how complete your responses are. We need your email address so that we can send you the team report.

Your Team Report: High team performance is a journey. Your report can be a springboard to discussion with your team. It is an opportunity to discuss what is going well and what areas need some attention.

In addition, we are collecting data from doctors across North America who visit our Co-Discovery blog. You will be able to compare your team's scores with teams from across the continent.

Disclaimer: This is an informal survey and only directionally valid. Use your results for discussion and exploration, not the final word.

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