What is Practice Culture?

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What is Practice Culture?

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A preferred future in dentistry begins with “the end in mind”, but it is important to understand that it is the outcome of a carefully and intentionally created practice culture.

So what is a practice culture?

Practice culture is the habitual and self-reinforcing behavior of team members as a consequence of the structure of the social systems associated with a practice.

And practice culture is an OUTCOME of practice climate, which is how team members FEEL about that organization’s social structure.

So, when we design an organizational structure – consciously or not – buy one, or even enter into one, we are participating in a social ecosystem which renders out a culture. And it is that culture which influences the patients more than anything else.

When patients are reluctant to schedule appointments with you, it is likely because of your practice culture.

When patients regularly decline your appropriate treatment plans, it is likely because of your practice’s culture.

And of course, the opposite is true as well.

Take a moment today and consider your practice culture. Is it what you intend for it to be? And if not, what structural changes can you make to improve it?

Paul A Henny, DDS

Thought Experiments LLC, 2017

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