How to Hire the Right People – Bill Lockhard Jr DDS

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How to Hire the Right People – Bill Lockhard Jr DDS

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Hire The Right People

Realize that hiring the Right person is more
important that training the Wrong person. Take the time, even if it takes a few
weeks, to go in depth with the person. Get to know the things they don’t write
in their resume. Character and Competence of each member of the team are the
essential ingredients of trustworthiness and win/win agreements. Character because you can’t separate
who you are from what you do. Competence
because you need to be committed to continuous improvement in technical,
conceptual, and interdependent skills. Determine if the person’s habit
patterns, motivations, values, and lifestyle fit well with the culture of your
organization. It is important to have shared values, philosophy and a
commitment to excellence and integrity….plus a compatible behavioral style.

Telephone screening by receptionist – voice quality, vocabulary, attitude, experience,
positions held and reason for changing job. If acceptable invited for office
.Second interview by team – candidate is
introduced to doctor and spends ½ day in office observing and goes to lunch with
team members. If acceptable, invited for interview with doctor on another day
after doctor discusses with team concerning their opinion.
Third interview with doctor – this is a relaxed co-discovery interview not an

v Why did you select this career and what would you
like to have that you don’t have now? What areas did you enjoy and what
compliments and what complaints did you experience?

v Tell me more about why you are changing jobs. What
was your biggest disappointment and biggest achievement in your career so far?

v What changes did you initiate? What are 3 of your
strengths, what areas would you like to grow/develop?

v How would you describe success?

v What do you really value and believe in?

v What are you willing to do to achieve success? What
are you not willing to do?

v Please describe your former management style; what
qualities important?

v What are your personal goals, what are your
professional goals?

v If hired, how long would you expect to perform at
this job?

Doctor discusses the philosophy, vision and purpose
of the practice.

Doctor describes management style and employee
traits we are looking for.

Fourth interview by Clinical Psychologist – if acceptable to doctor, candidate completes a
behavioral and psychological profile and mailed to Psychologist to clarify
compatibility with team members.
Decision to hire by team and doctor – the final decision rests mostly with the team
members. When the team makes the choice, they will be committed to help the new
member to be successful. M.
William Lockard, Jr. DDS

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