A Funny Story – Gary Solomon, DDS, MAGD

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A Funny Story – Gary Solomon, DDS, MAGD

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Here is a funny story.

I was making a denture for a very nice lady recently. We took great impressions with spot on border molding. I made salt and pepper base plates and wax rims.  I was able to get the maxillary rim right where she and I liked how it made her face look. Now to work on the lower rim.  Well, I spent more than double the usual time getting more and more frustrated as each time I came back into the room to test what I had, it never looked good and back to the lab I went over and over again. I did not realize, when I was in the lab, my patient asked my dental assistant for a hot cup of coffee and sipped it while she had the upper wax rim in her mouth! When she heard me come back into the treatment room, she put it down. Over and over, back and forth to the lab I went getting more frustrated until I came in and saw her sipping the coffee! She was melting the upper wax rim in an uneven manor and I was trying to record a vertical and bite!

We had a good laugh but she was embarrassed. At her next visit, I gave her a Starbuck’s Gift Card!

It all turned out just fine!

Gary Solomon, DDS, MAGD

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