Use Your Brain Like a Sailor

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Use Your Brain Like a Sailor

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Imagine your brain is a computer, and at the beginning of each day you have 100% of available memory. And as you proceed through each day, bits and pieces of that memory become preoccupied with focusing upon tasks and responsibilities which must be accomplished that day or in the near future.

This memory is much like the RAM – random access memory- on your computer, which is fragile and lost if the power goes out… and the larger the number and frequency of obligations we are confronted with each day, the less capacity we have left for creative problem solving – the only pathway to potentially making tomorrow a more effective day than today, and a day more in alignment with what we want to see happen long-term…our “preferred future”.

In other words, our here-and-now obligations and distractions easily become barriers to our long range goals and vision.

So how do we get around our natural tendency to over-focus on immediate needs at the expense of critical long range goals in our ever-more swamped schedule?

Strategic Planning and curating – curating out of our schedule low priority items and keeping our strategic plan top-of-mind.

AND THEN setting aside time each day to focus and steer our practice and life in the direction of our long-term vision.

The key point here is making the DAILY commitment to doing this. The DAILY re-focusing and the DAILY adjustments demanded by current conditions.

You see, our brain functions much like a computer on some levels, but our life never follows the plan created by our objective thinking. On this, Dwight Eisenhower accurately said, “Planning is essential, but plans are useless”, because navigating our life is more like sailing than programming a guided missile.

A good sailor has both destination and current conditions in mind, and they are constantly re-assessing, while making course corrections and resource utilization adjustments to insure the port of choice is reached.

So too then, we must manage the direction of our practice. Because without doing so, the prevailing economic winds, tides, and weather will easily throw our dreams upon the rocks.

Paul A Henny, DDS

Thought Experiments LLC, ©2016

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