Never Surrender

Build your relationships first….then your dentistry. ~ Bob Barkley

Never Surrender

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Sometimes trying to create the practice of your dreams feels like you are pushing on a string. And with the rapid depersonalization and corporatization of dentistry, it is understandable how someone can feel that way.

But all great practices find opportunities to grow and evolve, even when the environment around them is challenging.

Recently I discussed the importance of understanding our patient’s perspective towards dentistry, and why it is so critical to take the time to help them to develop a deeper understanding of the value of fine dentistry in their lives.

Today, let’s talk about perseverance, as there has never been a health-centered / relationship-based practice which was built overnight. This type of practice only emerges over time through the execution of a clear vision, a well executed purpose, and perseverance.

Scott Peck published one of my favorite books in 1978, titled The Road Less Traveled. It is a description of the attributes that make for a fulfilling life based largely on Peck’s experiences as a psychiatrist and a person.

When Scott Peck first took his manuscript to Random house it was rejected as they felt the prospective reading audience was too small. Simon and Schuster, equally skeptical, agreed to invest $7,500 and print only 5,000 hardback copies.

Initial projections turned out to be correct, as no significant amount of money was made on the first publishing, so Peck hit the lecture circuit to try and boost sales.

It was only after Peck’s persistence and personal belief in the value of the book that a paperback version was published two years later, AND ONLY THEN did the book slowly climb to eventually become a best seller in 1984.

A similar success trajectory is seen with relationship-based practices, as they are built as much around feelings and values as they are around technical dentistry.

Health-centered / relationship-based practices must be conceived, birthed, properly executed, promoted, and relentlessly fine-tuned as the market e(de?)volves.

And there-in lies the secret to becoming an “overnight success” – a values-driven, clear-headed focus on the right things at the right time, and never surrendering.

Paul A Henny, DDS

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“Thanks so much for your continuing efforts to promote and advance the concept of the relationship based practice.” – Jim Otten

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What a great forum for sharing the wisdom we have been privileged to gain from those who came before us. Hearing that wisdom expressed in the language of today is so important. ~ Mary Osborne

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