Know Thyself

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Know Thyself

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The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” is one of the Delphic Maxims inscribed on the ancient Temple of Apollo.

Dr. Pankey referenced this aphorism because self-awareness is key to our ability to stand apart from our patients and form healthy and effective interpersonal boundaries.

This ability to “stand apart” not only affects our attitudes, it also affects our behaviors. Additionally, it greatly influences how we see our patients and the world that surrounds THEM.

In fact, until we take into account how we see ourselves, we will be unable to understand how our patients see and feel about themselves and what the dental issues they are experiencing mean to them.

A lack of self-awareness causes us to function more on assumption than reality, and this in turn causes us to project our prospective onto our patient’s behavior and then fool ourselves into thinking that we are being objective.

These assumption-laden relationships significantly limit our potential to positively influence and relate effectively with our patients. And this limited ability to relate to our patients on a deeper level easily leads to misunderstandings, the devaluing of recommendations, deferral to insurance companies, and even to open conflict.

Bob Barkley’s Co-discovery method is the pathway to “knowing our patients” as well as allowing our patients -over time- to know us on a philosophical level.

And it is the practice philosophy which moves people toward health, or keeps them stalemated in dependency.

  1. Knowing yourself leads to knowing your patient which allows you to optimally apply your knowledge. And isn’t that your Mission?

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