Key Team Psychographic Attributes

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Key Team Psychographic Attributes

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Most of us have heard the behavioral truism, “You can’t take others to a place you have never been to yourself.” And this truth applies doubly to the functioning of patient-centered / relationship-based practices.

A central theme within this practice model is personal growth. And by this I mean progressively greater understanding and application of new knowledge in the lives of the dental team and patients as well. The former is critical because it influences the later…team members influence patients toward greater understanding and better choice-making.

Consequently, there are certain essential attributes which must be present in team members for this practice model to function optimally. Here are eight* of them:

1. Optimistic -In spite of the craziness of today’s world, they maintain a hopeful and positive attitude toward adversity and people.

2. Involved – They actively pursue problem identification and resolution. Additionally, they are caring, and committed.

3. High Self-Regard – Not to be confused with high self-esteem, they feel competent, capable, and worthy of success. They believe that their lives make a positive difference in this world and demonstrate it every day.

4. Mission -They have a transcendent commitment to living personal values which are very clear to them. This commitment goes far beyond immediacy, and beyond themselves. They see their life as an integral part of a greater whole and which is congruent with the mission of the practice.

5. Energetic – They are stimulated by their curiosity of people, things, and challenges. Consequently, their positive energy is contagious, and problem-solving ability high.

6. Resilient – They are flexible and adapt in a healthy, functional way to stress. Consequently, they do not avoid conflict, rather they approach it maturely with an intent to positively resolve it and move on.

7. Self Control – They know who they are. They know where they are. They know where they want to go. They know what they are doing – or are in the process of finding out. In other words, they are effective self-leaders.

8. Relationship-oriented – They prosper in long term intimate (open and honest without hidden agendas) relationships, and consequently they are able to seek out and effectively propagate opportunities for commitment in others through those relationships.

Paul A Henny, DDS

Thought Experiments LLC, © 2016

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*Adapted from the research and writing of Avrom E. King.

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