The Four Elements of Vision

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The Four Elements of Vision

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A Vision of an ideal practice without action represents nothing more than daydreaming, as no one has ever built an optimal practice from idle thoughts.

There are four critical elements required to transform your Vision from idle thoughts into reality. I call these “The Four P’s Of The Practice Development Process.”

PLANNING: Once you have a clarified Vision, you must establish goals for where, when and how the concepts will be established. At its core, it’s very simple, if you want to make your ideas happen, you must establish a plan-of-action which takes you there in a measurable and manageable fashion. Writing your plan down in detail, and in order is the starting point.

PERSISTENCE: When Dana Ackley, PhD conducted research for The Pankey Institute, he studied the most common characteristics of dentists who were successful at establishing patient-centered comprehensive care practices. The research on Emotional Intelligence revealed that persistence stood out as one of the most important attributes associated with success.

No matter how great your concepts and plans, you will encounter idea-killers and naysayers all along the way who will find every reason to portray your plans in a negative light. To make your plans happen, you must stick with them for months, years, or even decades – depending on how complex the plans are. Additionally, “re-Visioning” is sometimes necessary as you proceed forward into the reality of the marketplace. This requires adaptability and flexibility without compromising values and principles.

PASSION: When seemingly everyone and everything is stacked up against your plans, your personal belief in them and passion for it -will often be the only thing keeping it all alive in the beginning. Additionally, being passionate about your Vision is contagious, and that is a good thing, because you need a dedicated team to help make it all happen. Your Care Team must have an unshakable belief in your leadership OF THEM into the future.

PATIENCE: Persistence and patience go hand in hand, because success seldom happens on our timetable. People’s lives today’s are full of activity, clutter, distractions, and short-hand assumptions about dentistry (which are often totally inaccurate). In fact, it is likely that you will need to wait until a “critical mass” of people (who are in personal alignment with your values, approaches, and philosophy) identify you as their preferred source of helping and healing.

Pursue these “The Four P’s” and your Vision will evolve over time into your preferred future.

Paul A Henny, DDS

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“Thanks so much for your continuing efforts to promote and advance the concept of the relationship based practice.” – Jim Otten

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