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Who Is Dr. Henny?

Dr. Henny’s expertise and practice philosophy is effectively positioned in this recent video.

An Effective Interview…

Stan Kingma interviews Dr. Henny’s Patient Coordinator to expose the unique nature of his practice.

CoDiscovery marketing

It’s important that you have a feel for how this all came about.

Dr. Paul Henny’s background is well documented throughout this site as a founder and visionary behind the Bob Barkley Study Club, the author of frequent blog postings on social media, and the driving force behind this CoDiscovery website. He is a Pankey Institute instructor and a recognized thought leader for the relationship-based health-centered dental practice model.

Stan Kingma and Dr. Henny have enjoyed a personal and professional relationship for over twenty years. They’ve spent many hours together discussing and developing the concepts recommended here. Stan is an elder in traditional marketing, having created and implemented hundreds of campaigns and creative projects during a 40 year advertising career. His Kingma Agency occupies a large building in Roanoke, Virginia, complete with onsite photo and video studios. Stan and his wife Marilyn work together as owners and creative directors of the firm.

After reading the information below, watching the videos and perusing Dr. Henny’s website, you may be interested in talking about how we can help your practice. Contact us through Dr. Henny’s office at 540-774-1577 and we’ll be in touch.

How can we help you reach your market?

The community where you live, your personality, your staff, your training, your experience, plus your desires and goals have created a unique one-of-a-kind dental practice. No dental practice is exactly the same as another. No one-size-fits-all marketing plan can be effective in the face of so many variables.
That’s why it will be critical for us to understand how all this fits together before we are able to develop a successful marketing approach for you.

So, our first job will be to research, monitor and identify what our judgment says is the most likely way to grow your practice. We’ll carefully examine your practice as well as investigate your area’s traditional media, SEO opportunities, directory listings, social media, linkbacks etc.

When we know who you are, understand your practice strengths, identify your patient profile, examine your current position in your market, find out what you desire to accomplish with your practice and get a feel for what opportunities there are to build your impact in your community—then we will be able to discuss an appropriate strategy and plan.

Case Study

Paul Henny, DDS Website & Marketing

Website & Marketing

Paul Henny, co-founder of CoDiscovery runs a health-centered, relationship-driven, comprehensive restorative dental practice. Paul’s goal was to help qualify potential clients through video driven content and self evaluative content and provide a professional and easy to use website that optimizes the opportunities to reach the right audience.

Paul’s website incorporates the use of strong call-to-actions, well structured videos and pleasing visuals.

Video Driven

Our use of professionally produced videos help grab attention and let patients decide for themselves what their needs are. Video allows viewers to have their own, personal experience and interaction. By the time Paul gets a call his client is mindful of their needs and is prepared for the initial consultation.

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