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I am excited to think that you have a forum that will help us learn what is the right care and the best care and how to get it to the patient. ~ Daniel

The Bob Barkley Study Club

The Bob Barkley Study Club is a non-profit study group founded by Charles Varipappa, DDS, Paul Henny, DDS, and M. Johnson Hagood, DDS for the purpose of creating learning experiences and mentoring relationships.

The focus of the Study Club’s learning historically has been on how to integrate advanced clincal skills with effective behavioral principles. Previous speakers have been Frank Spear, Bob Winter, Brian DesRoaches, Sandy Roth, Avrom King, Rich Green, and many others.

Most meetings are held in the greater Washington, DC area. Please contact Charley Varipapa at for more information.

Getting involved with the CoDiscovery community and our Bob Barkley Study Club group on Facebook gives you helps you to access to exclusive content, updates and a step towards improving your practice. We look forward to meeting you inside.

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