Emotional Connection is Key

Build your relationships first….then your dentistry. ~ Bob Barkley

Emotional Connection is Key

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Emotion makes a person take action now. When they hear a message honestly and sincerely delivered they tend to become emotionally involved. Listening with empathy gives the person psychological support. Next to physical survival, the greatest need is to be understood, to be affirmed, and to be appreciated.

Logic enables the person to justify the purchase later. When they see radiographs, diagnostic models, and video camera images, they are more likely to respond logically. People sometimes say “no” when they don’t know enough information to say “yes.”
​► Some people will not tell you the true objection.
​► Some people do not know the true objection.
​► These people are operating at the feeling level. Something just doesn’t feel ​​​right.
​► Some people are embarrassed to admit they do not have enough money to ​​​buy.
​► Some people do not understand the problem or the solution and their “pride” ​​​says “I’ m not interested.”

Many people don’t own their disease because it doesn’t hurt. We need to clearly define the goal of health and longevity and get the patient’s agreement and commitment to the goal. It is important for the patient to own their part in the cause of the disease in order for them to take ownership in the treatment. The worse thing we do for patients with perio-disease is clean their teeth without first involving them in the treatment solution. If all we do is scale and root plane their teeth, we take ownership of solving their problem.

Mrs. Jones, I want to help you save your teeth.
1st – You must be able to thoroughly clean the bacterial plaque from every area of ​your teeth daily. Our professional relationship is dependent upon you ​accepting responsibility…
Because – If I take the responsibility of cleaning your teeth, I save your teeth for only ​one day. If I teach you to clean your teeth daily, you can save your teeth for a ​lifetime. Your ability to obtain and maintain health in the 1st phase of ​treatment will determine what is possible to do in the 2nd phase.
2nd – Our initial goal is maximum health and stability with your home care.
3rd – Thorough scaling, root planing, perio-surgery, if required.
4th When your gingival health is stable, we can begin the restorative procedures as ​needed.

Bill Lockard, D.D.S. – Visiting Faculty – The Pankey Institute

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“Thanks so much for your continuing efforts to promote and advance the concept of the relationship based practice.” – Jim Otten

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What a great forum for sharing the wisdom we have been privileged to gain from those who came before us. Hearing that wisdom expressed in the language of today is so important. ~ Mary Osborne

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